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What are the Benefits of a Cloud-Hosted Email Archiving Solution?

April 20, 2010

This is Part 3 in our Gary Green Interview series. Part 1 details Mr. Green’s thought process in deciding between an on-premise and a hosted archiving solution. In Part 2, Gary Green explains how switching to hosted email archiving saved his IT department time and money. Part 3 is entitled:

What are the benefits of a cloud-hosted email archiving solution?

What is Hosted Email Archiving?

>We sat down with Gary Green, the Vice President of Technology for the National Kidney Foundation, to talk about his experience with using a hosted email archiving service. Below is an excerpt from the interview, or you can view the full Gary Green Interview on SaaS-based Email Archiving.

Sonian: What is your role at the National Kidney Foundation?

Gary GreenGary Green: My title is Vice President of Technology and I have responsibility over most things involving technology in the organization, which in a broad sense includes: web services, our web site, our data base, and – for lack of a better term – user services, such as our network, desktop, and support for our users.

Sonian: Have there been any benefits from the cloud since implementing Sonian’s hosted archiving solution?

GG: Well, one benefit is that I haven’t had to go to our CFO and ask him for a ton of money to buy servers and stuff. In this economy we’ve had a hard time getting approval to really spend money on anything, so this has been great that the fee is on a monthly basis; it has really helped our cash flow. It has been nice not having to think about investing in the hardware, and maintaining that hardware, so that’s been a real positive thing for us. We’ve actually thought of new ways we can use the cloud: Google apps comes up a lot, a lot of our younger users are really knowledgeable in using these apps. They’ve used them before. You know the cloud is a very interesting area. Perhaps a year ago it wasn’t as secure as it could be, but it certainly has come into its own now. It seems to be the buzzword on everyone’s lips and in all the literature, and certainly this particular solution from Sonian works that way and works well.

Interview: Gary Green on SaaS-based Archiving

Gary Green InterviewListen to the full Gary Green Interview.

You have just read an excerpt from Sonian’s interview with Gary Green of the National Kidney Foundation. Download the full video to hear all of Gary’s answers.

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