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VP of Technology, Gary Green: How I Chose Between an On-Premise and a Cloud-powered, SaaS Archiving Solution

April 12, 2010

Gary GreenWe sat down with Gary Green, the Vice President of Technology for the National Kidney Foundation, to talk about his experience with using a hosted email archiving service for his Novell Groupwise mail system. Below is an excerpt from the interview, or you can view the full Gary Green Interview on SaaS-based Email Archiving.


Sonian: What is your role at the National Kidney Foundation?

Gary Green: My title is Vice President of Technology and I have responsibility over most things involving technology in the organization, which in a broad sense includes: web services, our web site, our data base, and – for lack of a better term – user services, such as our network, desktop, and support for our users.

Sonian: How did you choose between an on premise solution and a cloud powered SaaS solution?

GG: I guess the easiest way to explain it is: we looked for the best way to get everything done. It seems today that everyone is being asked to do more and more with less and less, and in our case an internal reorganization for our organization left me assuming the responsibility for many remote offices, and unfortunately there wasn’t a simultaneous increase in staff. We ended up with many more users, and much more data to be stored, much more email information to be dealt with, and with no real reasonable way to do it. We looked around. We looked at an on premise solution but felt that it would be too expensive and would add to the workload our staff already had, so we decided we wanted too look for a solution that we take away some of the day-to-day headaches we deal with. We wanted to focus more on running things, as opposed to trying to put fires out.

“Recent ESG research suggests e-mail archiving is becoming a “must have” technology and all indicators point to SaaS-based solutions growing in popularity for companies of all sizes…”

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