We Preserve, Protect and Present the World’s Information.

Preserve Data

With email archiving, every message is saved, indexed and searchable.

  • Quickly respond to audits and eDiscovery requests.
  • Recover lost and deleted files.
  • Protect intellectual property.

For businesses, there has never been more data to manage and preserve. Protecting critical business information isn’t only prudent; in many cases, it’s mandatory for legal and regulatory reasons.

At a time when so much of a business is run through electronic communications, securing and retaining those conversations, contracts and other valuable data can make all the difference.

With Sonian’s email archiving, you:

  • Automatically capture all sent and received emails in a secure cloud
  • Search the full text of emails and 500 types of file attachments
  • Support compliance regulations and discovery requests

Take advantage of cloud economics.
With cloud-based email archiving, you reduce IT expenses (compared to on-premises archiving). There’s no hardware or software to buy, no maintenance to perform and no need to have someone onsite for days or even weeks of implementation. With Sonian, you archive, index and search your email – in less than 20 minutes. Plus, you get unlimited storage and unlimited retention for an affordable and predictable cost.

When you have access to all the data, the right decisions come easy.

Save every message because you never know.

Search every message when you need to know.

Find exactly what you need in seconds.

Postini Migration Tool Simplifies Exports

With this simple solution, once your data is exported to the Sonian archive, it's immediately accessible through the fast and accurate search interface.

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