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Email Archiving Interesting Number of the Week: 12 (hours it took to search half of email server backup tapes)

March 9, 2010

42-12 number of the week1A recent survey of 1000 IT professionals revealed an alarming trend: 42 % of the respondents indicated they had to use email server backup tapes to recover messages for an investigation, and slightly more than half reported the recovery effort took 12 hours or more to find the requested information.

Since time = money, look at the 12 hours this way: Allocating the industry standard $175 / hour for IT labor costs, that single email recovery effort cost the business more than $2,100 (assuming just one person was working on the task.) Multiply that by the estimated 5 or more recoveries a year and the direct cost for not implementing archiving, and the resulting expenses far exceed the direct cost of a hosted email archiving service for a medium size company.

To learn more about the costs involved with Email Archiving, check out our archived webinar: “How Much does Email Archiving Really Cost?

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