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Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Means Deep eDiscovery on Horizon for BP

June 22, 2010

BP’s Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill has oozed its way through the media pipeline and onto our homepages. 62 Days of disaster has left plenty of time for the public to react. First it was disbelief in the sheer magnitude of the disaster, disbelief turned to shock, shock turned to anger, anger turned to outrage, outrage to protest, and as time continues to tick by with no solution in site, this sticky situation has become almost comical with witty protesters like @BPGlobalPR adding to the outcry [#bpcares]. For BP, the fossil fueled flotsam of this disaster will be impossible to burn off, and once they put a cap on this leak, all focus will shift to the repercussions.

BP EDiscovery BurnsBP will face one of the largest eDiscovery processes ever. Attorney Tom O’Connor, eDiscovery expert and founder and director of the New Orleans-based Gulf Coast Legal Technology Center, told Christy Burke of Legal IT Professionals that BP will need to focus on data preservation/collection/backup tape remediation for “massive amounts of data, perhaps more than any other case in US litigation history.” This will take place due to the eDiscovery requests from the over 100 lawsuits already filed against BP.

This will most likely prove to be the ultimate example of why companies, especially global enterprise companies, need to have a robust eDiscovery strategy in-place. New technology in email archiving is providing opportunities for companies, large and small, to streamline their eDiscovery processes from the current snails pace status-quo and probably save thousands, if not millions, of dollars in the process. The price tag put on BP’s eDiscovery alone is estimated at over $100 Million dollars. Why not cut that price tag down by implementing a more efficient eDiscovery service?

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