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Sonian and IBM at Lotusphere 2010

Sonian to Enable Email Archiving for LotusLive Notes

Lotusphere 2010

ORLANDO, FL — January 18, 2010 — Today is an exciting day for Sonian and the IBM® Lotus® community. Just a few moments ago, here at Lotusphere® 2010 in Orlando, Kevin Cavanaugh, IBM Vice President of Messaging and Collaboration, detailed the future of the Lotus cloud collaboration strategy.  In addition to announcing some major customer wins, Kevin confirmed that IBM is continuing to make significant investments in offering its customers the ability to take advantage of cloud powered collaboration and IBM LotusLiveTM Notes 2.0 will be at the forefront of that investment.

Kevin and the team at IBM understand that email archiving and eDiscovery are core components of any enterprise cloud powered collaboration infrastructure. With this understanding, IBM announced a teaming agreement with Sonian, the experts in cloud powered email archiving and eDiscovery, to enable email archiving for LotusLive Notes and LotusLive iNotes.

What exactly does this mean?

1. IBM and Sonian have worked together to create an automated, secure feed of customer data from the LotusLive Notes environment to the Sonian Archive Service.
2. In addition to the automated feed from LotusLive Notes for hosted e-mail, IBM has worked with Sonian to develop an in-the-cloud exclusive: Notes Compound Document Record (CDR) support. This means that you can index 100% of the text content, including workflow artifacts and content stored in rich text fields.
3. The service is planned to be available with the release of LotusLive Notes 2.0

Who will benefit and when?

1. Customers of LotusLive Notes – Upon the launch of the LotusLive Notes 2.0
2. Customers of LotusLive iNotes – Immediately! Contact Sonian to learn more

I am in Orlando for the week along with Sonian CEO George Nichols, so if you would like to meet with either of us to learn more about Sonian’s Archiving Service for LotusLive Notes, LotusLive iNotes and Lotus Notes software, please send an email to me or and we would be happy to set up a meeting.

Sonian is extremely excited to be teaming with IBM and looks forward to making more specific announcements over the coming months as LotusLive Notes 2.0 is launched.

Jeff Richards
Vice President of Business Development